AW: [Mono-dev] Mono remoting on an embedded arm system

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Thu May 18 07:05:07 EDT 2006

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> Betreff: Re: [Mono-dev] Mono remoting on an embedded arm system
> hello,
> > we are running mono 1.1.14 on an embedded arm system with remoting 
> > services to communicate with a host system.
> This does not ring any bells;   Could you cook a small test 
> case, maybe
> include the exception, stack traces produced?

I made a 4th full trace which contains the exception handler trace.

Server # mono --trace=disabled server.exe >/tmp/trace.log
Client # kill -USR2 1033
       # mono client.exe hostname

I hope this could help to identify the bug, should I file it in 

greetings Leopold

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