[Mono-dev] Mono remoting error on an embedded arm system

FALE(Leopold Faschalek) FALE at skidata.com
Wed May 17 10:56:02 EDT 2006

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> Betreff: [Mono-dev] Mono remoting on an embedded arm system
> Hello All,
> we are running mono 1.1.14 on an embedded arm system with remoting 
> services to communicate with a host system.
> The client on the hostmachine or localy started has no problem to 
> communicate with the embedded server.
> But if a remote-called method throws an exception, this exception will 
> be catched/shown on the server and not on the remote client.
> If we run the same code with mono on linux or win32 the exception is 
> thrown on the client (as it should).
> So I think there is some missing configuration file or something else.

I compared the function call traces (mono -v) of the arm and x86
version and they differ after throwing the exception, it looks
like the code resumes in different catch() clauses. 
On the x86 systems it's the catch() clause of the RemotingServices:InternalExecute
Function and on the arm system it seems to be the catch all
clause of the RemotingServices thread.

So is this possibly an exception handling error specific to the
Arm version ? 

Thanxs for every information on this issue.


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