[Mono-dev] CryptAPI

Jair Cazarin slipvayne at gmail.com
Tue May 16 19:44:47 EDT 2006

CryptAPI is a C# library which has the purpose to provide backward
compatibility with the unix's C crypt() function for encrypting a string
using a salt. This salt will indicate the type of algorithm that will be
used to encrypt such string. Since neither mono nor the .NET framework
provide this compatibility the main purpose of CryptAPI is to give
programmers the proper library so that, if needed, they can integrate it to
their development. We have integrated almost all the algorithms used in
different Linux/Unix distributions and have ported the following encryption
algorithms based on salt:

   - LM (No salt needed).
   - NTLM (No salt needed).
   - DES.
   - Extended DES.
   - FreeBSD's Short MD5.
   - FreeBSD's Long MD5.
   - Short Blowfish.
   - Long Blowfish.

The library itself was programmed by porting code from unmanaged code to
managed code.

As of today, CryptAPI provides the following:

   - Encryption of string using proper salt.
   - Encrypted password recognition based on salt.
   - Service provider to facilitate developer usage.
   - Portable and modifiable managed code in C#.

There exists the possibility  of integrating this to the cryptography
namespace of mono? If yes, how can be do that.

Jair Cazarin Villanueva
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