[Mono-dev] Re: [Mono-list] Bug (?) in SqliteDataReader

T Senganal tsenganal at novell.com
Tue May 16 07:19:32 EDT 2006


>>> Joshua Tauberer <tauberer at for.net> 05/16/06 4:01 AM >>>

>Somewhere in the process of filling the DataTable, the DateTime is
>converted back to a string because GetSchemaTable says the column is
>string-typed.  The conversion yields a culture-dependent string. 
>is where the Windows/Linux difference is because this is the only point
>where different code is executing on Windows/Linux.

GetSchemaTable is assumed to have the correct schema information and
this is used  
to create the columns when dataset is filled.. So, if GetSchemaTable has
the datatype info
as String for a column, the column created in the dataset will also be
of type 'string' .. 
I dont think there is anything wrong with the way Datatable is being
If you do not want the column to be converted to a 'String' then pls
make sure that GetSchemaTable
contains the correct 'DataType' .. 


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