[Mono-dev] Cecil and debug info

Jb Evain mono at evain.net
Mon May 15 07:16:14 EDT 2006

Hi Russel,

On May 15, 2006, at 8:10 AM, Russell Morris wrote:
> I'm currently writing gendarme rules, which uses Cecil under-the- 
> hood to parse assemblies.  Currently, it does not appear that Cecil  
> is capable of loading debug information for assemblies.  This  
> results in gendarme rules only being able to report errors at IL  
> instruction offsets, as opposed to being able to report source file  
> name and line number.

Yeah, good idea.

> Are there any plans for modifying Cecil to be able to load the  
> debug info files (mdb) generated by mcs so that this information  
> could be obtained?

Definitively yes, it's the next "big" change in Cecil. However, I can  
not give you a landing date for the code.


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