[Mono-dev] Question, How to Migrate a .NET application with a third party dependencies

Toni Martir toni at pala.com
Sun May 14 14:34:00 EDT 2006

Report Manager http://reportman.sourceforge.net/ supports OPOS hardware


If your reports work ok using the text driver in native version
(Windows-Linux), they will work in the new C# version.

Report Manager bypass windows drivers and sends text directly to the printer
(with excape codes to format text), so it is fast on serial devices but some
things are tricky to do (print printer stored logos for example).

The engine output is device based, current implemented output drivers in C#
PDF output
Print ouput (system.drawing.printing)
Preview output (Windows.Forms)

Still not ported, but already working in the native version:

-Text ouptut (POS devices and plain text)
-Comma separated values
-HTML output.

About managing bar readers, don't know if Mono 2.0 implementation of  the
serial interface is complete.

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I am developing a C# application in VS .NET 2005, that
uses OPOS hardware (bar readers and receipt
printer/cash drawer). I wish to migrate it to run on
linux and open sources plataforms, and i am evaluating
the mono with GTK# as an option.

Actually, this application, dependends on Windows/COM
(.dll) api that manages the OPOS hardware. It will be
run on linux plataform, if not, Is there any
alternative to manage OPOS Hardware from mono/GTK#?

Thanks in advance.

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