[Mono-dev] Cross-platform: msbuild and xbuild

Karl Waclawek karl at waclawek.net
Fri May 12 09:59:01 EDT 2006

Marek Sieradzki wrote:
> Dnia 11-05-2006, czw o godzinie 22:01 -0400, Karl Waclawek napisał(a):
>> When I heard about xbuild I thought its purpose was to allow for sharing 
>> project files between MS.NET and Mono.
>> As I would like to release source code for both platforms with minimal 
>> build differences this would be very handy.
>> However, it appears that this does not work. Is my assumption mistaken?
> Implementing MSBuild is complicated task. You're right about your
> assumption but getting xbuild to work like MSBuild will take some time.
> If you're looking for a workaround you can use NAnt addin for Visual
> Studio.
Thanks for the quick reply.
I do have my own build scripts, based on CSharpCodeProvider, so I am OK 
for now.
I'll just wait until I can do my build in a standardized (msbuild, 
xbuild) way.


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