[Mono-dev] missing method warning on 1.1.15

Carlos Solorzano carlos at applianz.com
Mon May 8 18:04:59 EDT 2006

I use some libraries on my code that on windows those libraries have 
more methods than on linux, so typically I do a

if (windows) callThatMethod();

This has been working perfectly fine without having to compile my code 
just for mono. Today I upgraded to 1.1.15 from .13 and all of the sudden 
I am getting errors around those methods which are not present on mono. 
Any ideas what has changed?

 WARNING **: TypeRef ResolutionScope not yet handled (9)

 WARNING **: Missing method .ctor in assembly

This code was working fine and its working fine when I roll back to .13 
and .10.1


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