[Mono-dev] Patch for HttpRequest.cs

Kornél Pál kornelpal at gmail.com
Mon May 8 06:57:26 EDT 2006


You are wrong. HttpRequest.QueryString does the following on MS.NET:

The only encoding it uses is HttpRequest.ContentEncoding. It tries to obtain 
HttpWorkerRequest.GetQueryStringRawBytes(). If it fails then falls back to 
HttpWorkerRequest.GetQueryString(). When it was able to obtain the byte 
array it will decode it using HttpRequest.ContentEncoding.GetString(). As 
such query string is decoded correctly. When no byte array is available in 
HttpWorkerRequest or the query string was set either in constructor or using 
HttpContext.RewritePath for example the string is assumed to be decoded 
correctly so no decoding is done.

Now we have a string that still may be URL encoded. MS.NET probably calls 
HttpUtility.UrlDecode just like we do but MS.NET passes 
HttpRequest.ContentEncoding as well because query string is assumed to be 
URL encoded using that encoding.

Note that obtaining query string from HttpWorkerRequest in the constructor 
as we currently do is a wrong implementation as HttpRequest.ContentEncoding 
can be changed before HttpRequest.QueryString is first accessed.

We should do the following:
- delay query string processing until it is needed (don't obtain query 
string in the constructor)
- try HttpWorkerRequest.GetQueryStringRawBytes() as well
- use HttpRequest.ContentEncoding to decode the byte array and for 


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> Hello,
> After running more tests, I've found out that on MS.NET the decoding in
> HttpRequest.QueryString does _not_ depend on
> HttpRequest.ContentEncoding. In fact, MS seems to be always using Latin1
> here. All other standard encodings fail.
> A revised patch is attached, including a NUnit test case. If no one
> objects, I'll commit.
> - Juraj
> On Sat, 2006-05-06 at 13:47 -0400, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>> Hello Juraj,
>> > The attached patch makes sure that the get-parameters in QueryString 
>> > are
>> > url-decoded using the proper encoding (when creating the
>> > NameValueCollection).
>> >
>> > May I commit?
>> Could you provide NUnit tests for this case?
>> Miguel


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