[Mono-dev] framework for system.web tests

Andrew Skiba andrews at mainsoft.com
Sun May 7 05:00:44 EDT 2006

> > Why not adopt this to be part of the unit tests directly?
> That's definitely the idea - the patch just didn't provide 
> any changes to the existing unit tests.

My colleges Tal and Yoni are going to commit few tests as soon as this
framework is ready.

> > And if this is not possible, we should add it as another 
> check so we 
> > can use "make run-test-local" as a way of ensuring that we have not 
> > broken anything.
> >
> > Putting the tests in Test/mainsoft just means that we will 
> not likely 
> > run those until someone does the work and we will just 
> ignore them and 
> > not get the benefit of having them.
> Right but there's no code here to actually run any new unit 
> tests (or alter existing unit tests to make use of it).  it's 
> just framework code.
> I just figured getting it into svn someplace now (and later 
> mv'ing it once we had patches to tests to started using it, 
> or once we wrote new tests that depend on it) would be better 
> than waiting until tests used it to get it in svn at all.
> Chris

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