[Mono-dev] XSP spitting 500 Server timeout error

Yogendra Thakur YogendraT at ami.com
Wed May 3 19:28:46 EDT 2006

Thanks to Dean, this issue has a workaround.

Here is how to handle this.

In web.config, 
 set <httpruntime excutionTimeout="TimeOut value in seconds"/>. 

-Yogendra Thakur

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Hi All,
	My Webpage make api call which takes more than 2
minutes(sometime 4/5 minutes) to process query and respond.
Whenever my aspx page is making that call I get HTTP 500 server timeout

I googled and couldn't find any way to set server timeout value for XSP

 I am using mono framework 1.1.14 with xsp server 1.1.13. I tried with
xsp server 1.1.15  but that too results in same error.

I did post about this same issue few months back and was suggested to
keep writing some white space to response to keep connection alive. I
tried that but it still displays Server error HTTP 500 request timeout
at bottom of response.

Please help!!!

-Yogendra Thakur

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