[Mono-dev] Re: Gecko-sharp and Flash

Daniel Lacroix dlacroix at erasme.org
Wed May 3 04:06:38 EDT 2006

Oups. I was looking for the solution during 2 hours without success. But
I just found it.

gecko is using the environment variable MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH. Just setting

export MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH=/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/

and it works.


> Hi.
> I'm using gecko-sharp to create my own specific browser. I want to be
> able view Flash content in this browser.
> The browser is working good but no mozilla plugin is available.
> Is it possible to have the plugin when using Gecko-sharp ?
> I have see now way to specify my plugin directory to the WebControl.
> If someone has a solution.
> Thanks.
> Daniel

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