[Mono-dev] BSTR Patch

Jonathan S. Chambers Jonathan.Chambers at ansys.com
Tue May 2 10:30:27 EDT 2006

From what I understand, XPCOM has multiple string representations. IMO, BSTR related things should only correspond to BSTRs, and any XPCOM, UNO, etc. strings should be handled using a custom marshaller. I have some plans for XPCOM, UNO, etc that I'll try to get going once the basic COM Interop infrastructure is in place.

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	On 5/1/06, Jonathan S. Chambers <Jonathan.Chambers at ansys.com> wrote:
	> Here's the first of some COM Interop patches; this one adds BSTR support (on Windows only).
	> I'll send some test patches too, if someone could tell me whether they should be part of some current test or a new one.
	> On platforms other than Windows the BSTR related methods currently g_error (this was the old code). Should I throw a NotSupported/NotImplemented exception instead?
	What is the XPCOM equivalent? I remember been using BSTRs a lot in my
	COM days, so that not having something to map it outside Windows may
	turn down lots of interesting interoperation scenarios, that may be
	made cross-platform.
	> Thanks,
	> Jonathan
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