[Mono-dev] What would you like to see in Mono?

Maxime de Lavenne max at tfbc.com
Thu Mar 30 18:16:31 EST 2006

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> >     What would be the top feature you would like to see in Mono?
> A cross-platform GUI that doesn't suck visually.  Maybe 
> Windows.Forms will be OK, but Gtk# sucks on Windows - not 
> your fault I guess.  wxSharp maybe?
> And *please* reduce the dependencies.

This is definitely a big one.

It's funny, because I avoid re-building my mono installation more than 3
times a year - everytime it's a bit of a stressful event!! :-) We have quite
a few servers relying on it.

Although, James, I've been watching this mono effort for more than two years
now, and it's gone a long way. I remember the days you had to install Wine
to get some sort of UI forms up and running.

> Any make it build out of the box on a raw install of Visual 
> Studio Express.
> And make Sol10+ a primary platform, SPARC and x64.
> I know this started from a GNOME on Linux background, but 
> thats still somewhat a minority platform beyond ISPs and 
> compute grids as far as I can tell - at least in banks in the City.
> I kinow you're working on some of these - but its a matter of focus.
> James
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