[Mono-dev] Monoinstaller and asp.net files

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Thu Mar 30 11:45:04 EST 2006


> i'm new in mono things! I found monoinstaller in internet and will
> install it on my
> suse linux os. My question is,  if i install this software i can run
> asp.net on my system or i must install more than the monoinstaller
> software??

That will do it.   You need to have xsp to run asp.net web pages.

If you want those to be integrated with Apache, you also need mod_mono
and to set it up as described on the web site.

In addition, if you are using SUSE (or any other supported Linux
distribution) you should use RPMs instead of the installer as the
installer lacks a few bits.

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