[Mono-dev] What would you like to see in Mono?

Daniel Morgan monodanmorg at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 29 12:59:49 EST 2006

F-spot was a good example to use.  I was meaning F-spot plus extra features.  For instance, I would like to take an application like F-Spot and modify for my own special needs.   Or create an entirely new application.  
  Let's say whenever you talk to a customer on a phone, the audio from that is saved as an audio file stored in the database as a blob.  This blob can be found by a customer number and description of the conversation, the file type or mime type, the date the conversation happend.  Or it could be videos of a product demonstration that marketing created.  Or it could be pictures of a person's car after an accident.  Or scanned images of legal documents.
  There is a project at codeproject.com where someone wrote some C# bindings to TWAIN.  They work okay.  You need the TWAIN SDK from twain.org for it to work.  I was mainly talking about an abstract API that could wrap SANE, TWAIN, and any imaging or photo, or scanning API available.  On Windows, you could use TWAIN, and on Linux you could use SANE.  Basically, an easy-to-use API that an application can use to get these things without worrying too much about the underlying technology like TWAIN.  Oh, it has to be cross-platform.
  I would so much love to have all this ability running on Mono and Gtk# on Windows and Linux, etc...
  Glad you gave an update about GnomePrint.  I did not know it was dead.  
  I have another item now.
  12. improve gtk# to support cairo and pango better. Especially for Printing.  See Larry's reply.
Larry Ewing <lewing at novell.com> wrote:
  On Wed, 2006-03-29 at 07:57 -0800, Daniel Morgan wrote:

> 3. Let's not forget scanning, photos, printing.... Bindings to SANE,
> TWAIN... Get GnomePrint to be stable like the GTK version. I hear
> gtk+ hackers are moving GnomePrint from GNOME to GTK+ and making it
> cross-platform. This is very good indeed. Get Cairo working on
> Win32. Think f-spot with steroids.

GnomePrint is dead, the Gtk printing api will be cairo based. The mono
cairo bindings still need some work, and we need to make sure we expose
all the cairo wrapper methods in things like pango. F-Spot has the
start of a sane binding that I did in my spare time. I plan to finish
it at some point. TWAIN is unlikely as it can involve direct win32

F-Spot needs steroids?


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