[Mono-dev] What would you like to see in Mono?

Maxime de Lavenne max at tfbc.com
Wed Mar 29 12:34:39 EST 2006

1) ---------Remote debugger-----------

Debugging remote mono executables from the IDE. Be it SharpDevelop,
MonoDevelop, Eclipse, etc.

I hope I didn't miss the functionality if it already exists, please let me

Microsoft's solution for debugging a remote program is not the most
streamlined process :-) as one would expect. So, there is a good opportunity
for the mono team to excel in this domain.

Our company sells servers running .NET apps (mostly services so mono is very
well suited for that). Debugging over PCAnywhere or VNC is often not an
option (needless to add: or excruciatingly painful), and debugging with log
files can only go so far. IDE debuggers are so much more efficient in
reducing our downtime.

So, it would be really nice to be able to JIT an app from another machine,
that is on a network far far away.

2) ------------Streamlined installer----------

Someone else stressed the mono installer again. I was very impressed last
week when I used the new version of the installer. But, the honeymoon was
quickly over when I had to compile other things to make the whole system
work. The installer should install libgc and all those module when they're
not present on the system. It's not enough to say "you're missing it, so go
get it". 

The big reason is: most of the linux distros don't have the latest libraries
out of the box (ex: slackware) and it ruins the user experience to have to
go get them by hand. As long as the installer offers the option to install
missing components, we're good to go - you guys have done an excellent job
with the installer, there's only a bit more road to cover!! Keep the good
effort rolling!

3) ------------fix the mono bootstrap----------

My big wish is the day where my mom can use linux without typing a command

But before that, my next big wish is the day where I can run a mono program
from linux OR windows, and if mono is missing from the system, do something
else than: "sorry, mono's not here". Most users will stop here.

The mono bootstrap should go one more mile, and offer to go fetch the
installer from the internet. If the user says yes, then go download it with
lynx (or IE, or by doing an http download from the bootstrap itself), then
after download, prompt for confirmation to run the installer. Then, restart
the program.


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     What would be the top feature you would like to see in Mono?

     Think of a feature that is not something we are currently 
working on (we know about those), for example avoid saying: a 
class-is-missing feature or "IDE" or "the debugger".  We know 
about those.

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