[Mono-dev] What would you like to see in Mono?

Jacek Blaszczynski jacek.blaszczynski at acn.waw.pl
Wed Mar 29 06:57:39 EST 2006


1) The feature which is surely missing is a Compact Mono - equivalent to
"Compact" .NET - however with significantly reduced footprint.

2) Needles to say full implementation of UI based on System.Windows.Forms
namespace API - I appreciate the effort to get it done but the goal of
having it working became a moving target over the time.

3) Equivalent of WPF for future GUI requirements but cross platform - I know
Migual blog entries about Avalon but a Gtk sharp as an alternative is really
far too short of achieving anything impressive.

4) Web Services enhancments - it's really very important to get it expanded

5) Managed P2P technology support (not for piracy but for distribution of
info) - which could easily be based on extended Web Services technology.

6) Automatic updates module - Click Once technology by MS is a flop - easy
to create horrible to maintain - I will stay with MS Updater v2.0 for a
while - it's feature set and control over update mechanisms is far superior
- it woul be great to have a cross platform solution 

7) Deployment support - creation of installers for many paltforms (nixes
i.e. rpms and Windows msi - WiX could be of help here - I use it now for
everyday work)



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