[Mono-dev] What would you like to see in Mono?

Pascal Fresnay pascalfresnay at free.fr
Wed Mar 29 05:27:47 EST 2006

> Hey,
>     What would be the top feature you would like to see in Mono?
>     Think of a feature that is not something we are currently working
> on (we know about those), for example avoid saying: a class-is-missing
> feature or "IDE" or "the debugger".  We know about those.
> Miguel.

Something similar to WinFS will be really great for Linux : A unique 
database shared by all application for access data, for example :
- music player/organizer like Muine and Banshee will access same music 
database (same concept for other media like photo with f-spot)
- unique adress book and mail repository
There's a lot of possibilities : beagle enhancement, easy sharing of 
data across databases (across computer, across universe)
Isn't it exciting ? :)

Pascal Fresnay

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