[Mono-dev] mint (scheduled removal of)

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Mon Mar 27 07:51:18 EST 2006

On 03/23/06 Bill Seurer wrote:
> Has anyone built mint on Windows (under cygwin if it matters) lately?  Is
> mint even still around?

mint is unsupported: we left the sources in because a couple of people
used it (hppa and alpha, IIRC), but we at Novell don't actively maintain
it. But it looks like they are either no more around or not interested
(alpha is being switched to use the JIT, it seems).

Since this is a good time as any: consider this is the advance warning
for the removal of the interpreter from the sources (it will be still
left somewhere in the svn history FWIW) unless someone steps up to
update it in the next couple of weeks and maintain it.

And just as a remainder for people interested in architectures not
currently supported by the JIT: we'll gladly help getting a JIT port


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