[Mono-dev] Gtk# not found

Jonathan S. Chambers Jonathan.Chambers at ansys.com
Sun Mar 26 20:42:05 EST 2006

Just a guess (probably wrong), but doesn't the windows installer have Gtk# version 2.8? It looks like the app is looking for Gtk# 2.4. So, maybe Gtk is installed, but the wrong version?

- Jonathan

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I would guess that they installed the full installer. After all, they are using
Windows and i think there is only one installer for Windows that comes with
everything (both mono VM and Gtk#)...

I even went to confirm many times that i am not mistaken about only existing one
installer for Windows and, as far as i know, there is no other. I see no way how
they can not have Gtk# installed. I'm totally clueless...

I've read some stuff about assemblies not found because of wrong casing but that
would only bring problems in *nixes and not on windows that disregards casing.

Citando Rafael Teixeira <monoman at gmail.com>:

 Did they install the combined Mono & GTK# install, if not they won't
 have GTK# available. If they installed GTK# separatedly probably they
 installed the version that installs in the .NET GAC, not on Mono's.
 Boa sorte, :)
 On 3/26/06, Paulomorfeo at portugalmail.pt <Paulomorfeo at portugalmail.pt> wrote:
 > Forgot to mention, i am using mono 1.1.13. And my users should be using the
 > because they installed mono specifically for using my program.
 > Citando Paulomorfeo at portugalmail.pt:
 >  I developed a mono program in Linux, which can be found here:
 >  http://fileuniverse.com/?p=showitem&ID=2746
 >  It all works fine in my Widows and Linux boxes.
 >  But my (Windows only) users are not beeing able to run it. Here is the
 >  message:
 >  ### Message ###
 >  D:\DOCUME~1\mike\Desktop\EdSv0.9>mono editorspringgui.exe.mono
 >  ** (editorspringgui.exe.mono:1700): WARNING **: The following assembly
 >  reference
 >  d from D:\DOCUME~1\mike\Desktop\EdSv0.9\editorspringgui.exe.mono could not
 >  lo
 >  aded:
 >  Assembly: gtk-sharp (assemblyref_index=1)
 >  Version:
 >  Public Key: 35e10195dab3c99f
 >  The assembly was not found in the Global Assembly Cache, a path listed in
 >  MO
 >  NO_PATH environment variable, or in the location of the executing assembly
 >  (D:\D
 >  OCUME~1\mike\Desktop\EdSv0.9\).
 >  ** (editorspringgui.exe.mono:1700): WARNING **: The class Gtk.Window could
 >  b
 >  e loaded, used in gtk-sharp, Version=, Culture=neutral,
 >  PublicKeyToken=35
 >  e10195dab3c99f
 >  ** (editorspringgui.exe.mono:1700): WARNING **: Missing method Init in
 >  assembly
 >  D:\DOCUME~1\mike\Desktop\EdSv0.9\editorspringgui.exe.mono, type
 >  Gtk.Application
 >  Unhandled Exception: System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type
 >  'Gtk.Window'
 >  from assembly 'gtk-sharp, Version=, Culture=neutral,
 >  PublicKeyToken=35e10
 >  195dab3c99f'.
 >  in <0x00000> <unknown method>
 >  in <0x00017> EditorSpringGUI.Principal:Main (System.String[] args)
 >  ###############
 >  Like if Gtk# had not been installed.
 >  Help would be apreciated.
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