[Mono-dev] 2.0 profile version of Mono tools ?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Sat Mar 25 16:37:37 EST 2006

> This is because resgen is a 1.1 (1.0 profile) assembly (which loads some 1.1
> system assemblies) and hence you end with a 1.0 runtime, which ofcourse
> can't deal with 2.0 assemblies.
> Why not just build all Mono tools in both 1.0 and 2.0 profile ? Even if the
> source code is exactly the same, you still need these profile-specific
> assemblies.
> We would then have, for example, a resgen.exe in $prefix/lib/mono/1.0 and
> $prefix/lib/mono/2.0. You can then even have a small wrapper script (named
> resgen) that executes one of these assemblies based on some environment
> variable (MONO_PROFILE) or something.
> Isn't this better than having wsdl, wsdl2, wsdl3, ... ?
> Any feedback is appreciated ...

Although I like the idea, am not sure how we control the profile.

And I am not sure if we want to do this change with an environment
variable that would control the executable to run, or if we should do
this with something at the runtime level.   I think we need to explore
the various avenues before making a commitment to a particular

That being said, I think that an immediate thing to do would be to
create the scripts and executables for the second profile and get those
on SVN, at least you get a workaround.

A second stage would be to create the new wrapper scripts that would
invoke one-or-the-other script based on the name.   In this second
stage, I would probably still want to have tool, tool1 and tool2, where
tool does the default-or-configured invocation;  tool1 is always the 1.0
version and tool2 is always the 2.0 version.

But this should really be a stage 2.   As part of this, we should come
up with the smallest possible "multiplexing" script that would invoke
one or the other.  We should not bloat these scripts as they are used a


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