[Mono-dev] AppSettings, embedding C

vavra at software602.cz vavra at software602.cz
Thu Mar 23 04:32:52 EST 2006

 I would like to get the same functionality like when I create pure C# executable eg. hello.exe. I create hello.exe.config and while starting hello.exe
$ mono hello.exe

mono parses the hello.exe.cofig and itself fill out AppSettings fields.
So does MS .NET. 

So I would like to say libmono that it should load config like mono runtime also does. Mono runtime must have such function, so it shouldn't be a problem to publish for embedding API.


You can load the data using C# code or you can read the xml file
yourself in C code (maybe using GMarkup). The mono embedding API is not
supposed to provide you a general-pourpose XML reading interface.

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