[Mono-dev] CsGL-Tao Project

Alejandro Villagomez dragonmaster_88 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 21 23:54:59 EST 2006

Hey guys!!!

I'm Alex, an amateur developer from Quito, Ecuador,
South America, that is developing a thesis for my
bachelor's degree with CsGL to create a computer game
like Space Invaders but 3D.

I did pretty good with all the examples I found in
http://csgl.sourceforge.net/. After a while I learned
that CsGL was outdated and that everything had been
remade in Tao. So now I'm working with Tao on this

I've made some discoveries on my own, like the use of
the BASS library (bass.dll) to add sound (wav and mp3)
to my project. I'd love to give it to you after I'm
done with it. It's a whole bachelor's degree thesis
about the use of OpenGL, CsGL, an Tao in the
development of computer games with C#, with the use of
patterns as a methodology. It also looks at the
history of computer, arcade and console games.

I'd love to get some help too, so if there's a way you
can help me out I'd appreciate it.

Best Regards

Alejandro Villagomez
Amateur Software Developer
With CsGL & Tao

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