[Mono-dev] Re: [Bug 77447][Min] Changed - XML serialization doesn't work properly on a given class

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Tue Mar 21 05:38:50 EST 2006

Ivano Luberti wrote:
> At 10.04 21/03/2006, Robert Jordan wrote:
>> Ivano Luberti wrote:
>>> Sorry to forward this on the dev list: but I'm in a hurry to get to 
>>> know what's going on.
>>> For what I can see lluis seems off line.
>>> There is someone that can explain me what happened with this bug fix ?
>> Not sure what explanation you want to hear: the bug has
>> been fixed but it has not been backported to the stable
>> branch. Even if it were, it probably did't make into the last
>> stable release either.
>> I don't know when the next release is scheduled.
>> Robert
> Thanks Robert: LLuis wrote on bugzilla that the bug fixing would have 
> been included in the next stable release.
> For what I know the "next" release it's the, but the bug fix 
> has not been included

Lluis wrote: `in the next release' and not the next bugfix release.

The 1.1.13 branch must remain stable for a long time, thus developers
are picky and careful about what gets backported to this branch.

I asked him if I may backport the patch, but if he doesn't agree,
there is nothing we can do about but applying the patch locally
and compiling ourself. That's what I'm doing.


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