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Fri Mar 17 05:56:16 EST 2006

As part of a graduate course project, I need to modify the loader
component of Mono (it has to do with load time aspect weaving, for the
curious). Unfortunately, after wrestling with the code for a while and
attempting to sift through it with tools like Red Hat's Source
Navigator, I'm still pretty much stumped: There seem to be an awful lot
of functions involved in the loading process (mono_class_from_name,
mono_class_from_typeref, mono_class_create_from_typedef ...), and it's
not what one would call abundantly clear to me what, exactly, does what.

If anyone could clarify what the most important function calls are --
the ones involved in the process of loading assemblies, reading the CIL,
and creating the in-memory objects -- I would be profusely grateful. If
it matters, I am (at present) preliminarily more interested in the
interpreter than the JIT -- speed is a secondary concern for the nonce.

Any hints would be appreciated! Thank you in advance.

Petter Häggholm
University of British Columbia
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