[Mono-dev] need corlib 46, which monocharge would that be in?

bryan rasmussen rasmussen.bryan at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 09:24:44 EST 2006


> ...you can just extract Commons.Xml.Relaxng.dll from the latest
> "monocharge" in our daily build (http://mono.ximian.com/daily/ )
> and this particular dll into your mono GAC with mono's gacutil.

Okay, currently running Mono- on Windows XP with monocharge
20060315, I did as you suggested and got back the message
Commons.Xml.Relaxng installed into the gac.
So that's fine, I guess.
> (According to that particular date 2006-03-12, I >guess it is
> related to OASIS UBL activity, as Makoto Murata >let me know ;-)
Yes, and as you've probably surmised I'm trying to do run your example
code from http://monkey.workarea.jp/lb/archive/2005/3-12.html but even
after getting Commons.Xml.Relaxng into the gac I still get errors
claiming that Commons namespaces cannot be found when trying to
compile test.cs (using msc), this also includes the Namespaces under
Commons of course,

using Commons.Xml.Relaxng;
using Commons.Xml.Relaxng.Rnc;
using Commons.Xml.Nvdl;

raises six errors.

Since you're aware of the UBL connection I'll go into a little more context

I went this route (Mono) because getting the precompiled
http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~eb2m-mrt/dsdl/enovdl.exe to work with XML
Schema was of course problematic.

On the off-chance that you know anything about this application:

 I am running .Net 2.0 but am still getting the 1.* error, was the bug
not fixed in 2.0 as expected or could it be that the 1.1 that I have
running side by side with my 2.0 is being used in the application, and
is there a way to change it?

Sorry to be asking so many stupid questions but the .Net stacks are
not my technology of greatest familiarity so I'm somewhat lost as well
as in a situation where I'm just interested in getting something up
and running quickly, so I can move onto the other tests that are
actually important for the project.

It could be that this should be off the mono-devel list since it's
pretty specific at this point.

Bryan Rasmussen

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