[Mono-dev] mod-mono help

Adi Spivak pchelper at serv.co.il
Fri Mar 10 13:02:28 EST 2006

i have a configuration problems.
i cannot make the mod-mono apply to two diractorise.
i have set the configuration like this:

<VirtualHost SOMEDOMAIN.COM:80>

        Alias /~pink "/home/pink/domains/SOMEDOMAIN.COM/public_html"
        AddMonoApplications default 
 <Location />
     SetHandler mono

        Alias /~master 
        AddMonoApplications master 
   <Location /~master>
        SetHandler mono

but only the one that is set as
<Location />
     SetHandler mono
is the one to work.
how can i make them both run?
what am i doing wrong?
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