[Mono-dev] c# / c++ interop question

J jaytau at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 9 18:10:55 EST 2006

Hi, I wrote a MS .NET 2.0 C# wrapper of a c++ 2d game engine.   The engine (Torque Game Builder) is cross platform, so obviously it would be benificial to port my wrapper to mono instead of Msft's implementation.
  To talk from c# to C++, I use PInvoke, which should work in the mono world with little change needed.  
  However, going from C++ to C#, I am using C++/CLI.   Obviously, that will not fly in the mono world, so I'd like to find out what alternatives there are to do this in an elegant way.    (fyi, I am an ok c++ dev, but i am only as advanced as kinda knowing how to use function pointers and run-time linking)
  So I am looking for the best way to talk from C++ to C#.  As I mentioned, I mostly understand the concept of using function pointers, would that be the best way?   or is there some way of referencing a mono assembly inside a c++ project, so I can link to it like a normal library?
  Or, is there a better solution?

Thanks for your time,
  PS:  (disclaimer: i pinged a similar question to the mono dev list maybe 8 months ago, I am repinging to see what any answer deltas may be :)


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