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Philipp Baer phbaer at npw.net
Thu Mar 9 11:30:26 EST 2006

Paolo Molaro wrote:
> On 03/09/06 Philipp Baer wrote:
>> it's me again. I came across another issue with UnixEndPoint:
>> - the unix socket pathname in the sockaddr structure has to
>>   be zero-terminated. I've modified the serialization method
>>   so that a trailing zero is appended.
>> - the pathname returned by a recvfrom call contains a trailing
>>   zero which is preserved by the .NET string. This leads to
>>   a different string and thus a different hash.
> Maybe it's better to fix this issue at the source instead of working
> around it? If the returned string has a zero byte and the filename
> doesn't, that is a bug.
> Do you mind looking at fixing this?

Well... the only thing you could do is to truncate the endpoint
retruned by recvfrom. That's what I was doing. This can be done
if the type of socket address (sockaddr_un) is known. I've not
yet looked at the mono source as closely :)

> Otherwise it would be nice if you file a bug in bugzilla with a test
> case to reproduce, too.

Here's a testcase:


Should I also file it in bugzilla?

> Thanks (and sorry for the late reply)!

np. It was me who actually was unable to post the patch to
the right list... :)


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