[Mono-dev] Problem: command line works, calling from C doesn't

Jean Carrive jcarrive at ina.fr
Wed Mar 8 06:28:50 EST 2006

I have some C# code doing various things (dotnet remoting, in particular).
This code works fine if it is in a ".exe" file and if it is called with the
"mono" command. On the other hand, it does'nt work if it is in a ".dll" file
and if it is called from a "C" program with "Mono Embedding" facilities. I
wonder if this could be because I have several versions of mono on my
machine. For, I have two directories "/usr/lib/mono/1.0" and
"/usr/lib/mono/2.0". When I make a symbolic link from 1.0 to 2.0 in order to
call what I suppose are the "good" libraries, it solves some problems but
not all of them ?
Should I completeley reinstall mono ? Is there a way to have the embedded
code pointing to the right libraries ?
Thanks !!
Jean Carrive
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