[Mono-dev] my web page cann't access oracle.

T Senganal tsenganal at novell.com
Wed Mar 8 03:40:56 EST 2006


>> My env, /home/oracle/.bash_profile and  /usr/local/etc/mono/config
as follows:
>> my oracle was installed under /home/oracle/OraHome_1
>> i had add user apache into group root, oinstall, dba and apache
>> but I still got the same error information

the config file is fine .. DllImport checks for .so extensions
automatically, so no need to change it on a linux box..

verify if libclntsh.so is installed on ur system .. incase it is not,
get the "instantclient" and setup the libraries and
make sure LD_LIBRARY_PATH has the path to the  library file..


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