[Mono-dev] Technical details of Mono...

Redefined Horizons redefined.horizons at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 12:37:12 EST 2006

I've made a couple of posts to the users lists of the Mono Community,
but I think I've been asking my questions in the wrong place. :]

I will ask them again here, as it is a more appropriate list, and I
apologize if someone gets this message twice.

Where can I learn about the technical details of Mono's virtual
machine? Things like the language it is implemented in and details
about the inner workings. I'd like to become familiar with these
topics so that I might eventually be able to assist with Mono
development. I'm sure this understanding will also help me write
better software for Mono!

Are there any published books that explain these type of technical details?

Can I find the same type of information for Mono's different language compilers?

How might I get in touch with the GTK# development team? Are they on
this list, or is there a separate development list that part of Mono?

Thanks for the assistance,

Scott Huey

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