[Mono-dev] MONO for Ultra20

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Thu Mar 2 09:59:48 EST 2006

On 03/01/06 G. W. Carter wrote:
> I am installing my new Sun Ultra20 workstation, complete with Solaris 10 and
> Oracle 10g.  I cannot draw a definite conclusion from the website and its
> archives on whether MONO will run on that X64 (AMD 64-bit) machine, in
> either X86 or X64 modes.  Can you enlighten me?  If an X64 port is being
> considered, I would volunteer my (modest) capabilities to help.  

If it doesn't work already there should be only few little changes to
make it work. Try it out and report.

> BTW, using COBOL for a project like this IS a joke, but COBOL is not.  Can
> the development environment be set up to develop with COBOL? 

Fujitsu has a commercial COBOL compiler that targets .net.


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