[Mono-dev] Status of Mono Garbage Collector?

Hubert FONGARNAND informatique.internet at fiducial.fr
Wed Mar 1 04:04:42 EST 2006

Tree month ago (11/17/2006) Miguel said :

"Paolo has been working on a new garbage collector (GC) engine.
Currently Mono GC interface is almost pluggable (the work to plug
different GCs was done a few months ago). 

The new GC engine is a precise, generational, compacting collector. This
means that the Mono GC will be able to return memory to the operating
system when it no longer needs it. 

We are making a few tradeoffs to ship this version of the collector
quickly. For instance this new GC will treat the stack conservatively
has two effects: it makes it easy for embedders of Mono to use the new
GC but it also might flag a lot of pinned objects. 

We hope that the new GC can be tested in February or March, the code
will start landing in December."

I'd want to know more about the statut of this new GC. I think, that
mono will be usable (on a desktop) (try to use beagle...) only if
there's a good precise GC... There's too many memory leak problems with
the current boehm GC... (even on a server, i must restart apache once a
week to avoid memory problem). 


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