[Mono-dev] Multiple domains

Janne Rantala janne.rantala at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 10:57:08 EDT 2006


First, could someone specify what root domain exactly means and what is it
meant for?

Mono project's web site says about mono_jit_init that "That will return a
MonoDomain where your code will be executed. You can create multiple
domains. Each domain is isolated from the other domains and code in one
domain will not interfere with code in other domains."
But when I tried to initialize mono_jit_init with two different assembly
names, I got error saying "**ERROR**: file domain.c:line 517
(mono_init_internal):should not be reached aborting..."

But if I use mono_domain_get to get current domain (is that also root
domain?)  I can create objects from different assemblies just fine.

Is there some other way to initialize multiple domains?

Thanks for your help,

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