[Mono-dev] Mono and dotnetNuke

Jan Waiz hamburg at icomedv.de
Thu Jun 29 07:42:02 EDT 2006

Well - i will test it over the Weekend and let you know the Result. :-)


I am still wondering, that so less Developers are working with Mono. And
that there is no Partnership between the dnn- and mono-Project !?


I am fascinated to develop with Windows/IIS/C# - and the Result can be run
with Windows OR Mono. Because:


*	That's most possible Flexibility!
*	Linux/Mono needs much less Resouces
*	It runs with smaller CPU-Power
*	Enables me to use free SQL-Databases like MySql or Postgres
*	No Licensecosts for the OS
*	More Provider offering housing/hosting Linux-Environment for lower
*	May be, Linux is more stabil
*	May be, Linux needs less Amount of Administration
*	May be, Linux is more safe against Attacks
*	And so on and so on.




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I'm sure that dnn doesn't use any VB6 legacy syntax. We use lot of dnn in
windows environment and 
I think that run dnn on mono shouldn't be big problem (of course dnn
compiled under windows because of mono vb compiller).
What more - You can write additional modules in c#, that it means only core
must be compiled under windows.


Ympostor napisał(a): 

Jan Waiz escribió:

Anyone here, who is working with dotnetNuke (3.x) running with Mono?

(Just wondering...) I am not using it, but the fact that is written in 
VB probably means that can't compile (yet) with the Mono VB compiler 
(MBAS). And it is possible too that the code uses VB6 legacy syntax and 
keywords [1], so as not being able to run it with Mono only with the 
assemblies compiled in VS.NET.


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