[Mono-dev] Error getting response stream (Write): Send Failure

gr lists grlists at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 15:25:06 EDT 2006

Greetings all...

I maybe missing something very simple in the mono config here...

We want to develop a SOAP service running under HTTPS with
apache+mod_mono. A simple "hello world"  application works perfectly
fine when running under pure HTTP, but exactly the same thing doesnt
work when we point the browser to the HTTPS site.

The application running under HTTP returns (the expected output):
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<string xmlns="http://globalrelay.net/">Hello World xyz</string>

And under HTTPS returns:
Error getting response stream (Write): Send Failure

We are using using mono mono-1.1.15,  xsp-1.1.15, and mod_mono-1.1.14.

Any idea?

 Thx! :)

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