[Mono-dev] Why do we need separate I18N assemblies?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Mon Jun 26 05:29:17 EDT 2006


> Having tham has the advantage that people don't have to install them if they 
> don't need them. But Mono should be MS.NET compatible that support a lot of 
> encodings by default so people assume it when writing applications and thus 
> I don't think that it's good not to install encoding.

Most people will get a full Mono installation, so this is not an issue
if people get the full setup.

But this is a useful setup for people who want to do smaller deployments
and might want to pick and choose what to ship.   The assembly-level
separation means that anyone can do this split without much technical

> This would increase the size of corlib but MS.NET 2.0 has an mscorlib.dll of 
> size 4,10 MB so ours still would be smaller.:)

Well, that just means that we have unimplemented features.   


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