[Mono-dev] R: System.IO.Path: inconsistent paths from Windowsclients

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Yes. We'are porting a WEB application from windows to linux+mono.

Yes, on linux the directory separator is "/", but if a Windows client is connected on web page on linux+mono+apache server, and a web page allow for file uploads: probably mono server should be platform independent or we should distinguish at "application level" between web Linux clients or web Microsoft clients.



A test case listing is below (server side code on a web application):


string FileName=myFile.PostedFile.FileName;

Label1.Text= "dir sep: "+Path.DirectorySeparatorChar+"<br>";

Label1.Text+= "pat sep: "+Path.PathSeparator+"<br>";

// Prendo solo il nome del file senza il percorso.

Label1.Text+= "0"+myFile.PostedFile.FileName+"<br>";

Label1.Text+= "1"+Path.GetFileName(myFile.PostedFile.FileName)+"<br>";

Label1.Text+= "2"+Path.GetDirectoryName(myFile.PostedFile.FileName)+"<br>";

Label1.Text+= "3"+Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(myFile.PostedFile.FileName)+"<br>";

Label1.Text+= "4"+Path.GetPathRoot(myFile.PostedFile.FileName)+"<br>";



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subscription.sapi wrote:

> I've different behavior in ms.net framework and mono framework when I

> use methods in "System.IO.Path" class.


> Test Case Description:


Next time please post the source code of your test case

along with a system description (Mono version, OS, etc.).




> Input path: D:\R&D\doc\jd\StandardJD.doc


> Output path: 


> Path.GetFileName

> D:\R&D\doc\jd\StandardJD.doc

> Path.GetDirectoryName                       

> Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension      D:\R&D\doc\jd\StandardJD

> Path.GetPathRoot                               


I cannot reproduce this with Mono 1.1.15 under Windows,

so you're probably testing under Linux.


The directory separator under Linux is '/' or

Path.DirectorySeparatorChar, so you have to flip the '\'.





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