[Mono-dev] Why do we need separate I18N assemblies?

Kornél Pál kornelpal at gmail.com
Sun Jun 25 21:33:50 EDT 2006


I think we have I18N assemblies because Portable.Net had them (it still has 
but that's not important) as well when they were ported to Mono.

Having tham has the advantage that people don't have to install them if they 
don't need them. But Mono should be MS.NET compatible that support a lot of 
encodings by default so people assume it when writing applications and thus 
I don't think that it's good not to install encoding.

Anyway it could be much easier to have them in corlib, so they could take 
advantage of corlib internals and have a list of them rather than using 
reflection that is slow.

This would increase the size of corlib but MS.NET 2.0 has an mscorlib.dll of 
size 4,10 MB so ours still would be smaller.:)


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