[Mono-dev] Com Interop Status

Jonathan S. Chambers Jonathan.Chambers at ansys.com
Tue Jun 20 16:03:26 EDT 2006

I like using DynamicMethod because C# is easier to write/maintain. For component systems other than MS Com (XPCom for example), they have easier access to DynamicMethod/SRE for emitting methods.

As for making DynamicMethod internal for 1.1, that is an option. However, then only component systems in corlib could access it. Of course, I'll probably only get to MS Com (which does reside in corlib) anyway by the time 1.2 is released (if that). 

- Jonathan

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> >3. Emitting of wrapper methods in C# using DynamicMethod. This is
> >handled in MSComInterop for MS Com Objects. It's very basic right now,
> >and needs some work. Basically, I need the functionality in the current
> >emit_marshal* methods in marshal.c to handle MarshalAs attributes, etc.
> >Does DynamicMethod sound like the right tool for the job here? That's
> >2.0 specific, so I guess Com Interop is a 2.0 specific feature unless
> >anyone objects.
> I don't know wherher it's better to use DynamicMethod instead of some
> native
> code in the runtime but since you are using DynamicMethod from corlib that
> contains DynamicMethod as well I don't see any problem with making it
> available in 1.x profile maked as internal.
> Kornél

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