[Mono-dev] State of support for VB.NET

Alex Chudnovsky alexc at majestic12.co.uk
Thu Jun 15 06:47:09 EDT 2006

Hi all,

Has anyone ported VB.NET apps to Mono recently, particularly I am 
wondering if VB.NET is supported in ASP pages?

I've done reasonable amount of C# porting and found Mono is very good 
and I did not even have to recompile, but from what I heard VB.NET 
generates less Mono-compatible code, is that still the case? Say I can 
use C# app compiled in VS 2003 without recompilation in Mono, can same 
be done for VB.NET or it will require recompilation?

I am aware of http://www.mono-project.com/VisualBasic.NET_support page, 
but it has rather short descriptions, I'd really like to see page 
summarising what's not yet supported.


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