[Mono-dev] Version-specific binding - resolved, but real bugsfound

Kornél Pál kornelpal at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 19:21:00 EDT 2006


Actually it is only XSP (and mod-mono-server) that depends on this. And it 
could be solved by simply installing Mono.WebServer.dll to the GAC but this 
is what Mono team don't want to do because the API of Mono.WebServer.dll is 
not stable and the conception of GAC is to have assemblies with stable API.

Another solution could be to construct the AppDomain inside 
Mono.WebServer.dll (or use a non-public method in System.Web.dll) that uses 
AppDomain.CreateInstanceFrom so Mono.WebServer.dll would be loaded without 
problems if it's not installed to the GAC. But they don't want to do this 
because this could make XSP incompatible with other runtimes. (Altough it 
isn't compatible with other runtimes because it relies on this bug...)

But the of modifying (or keeping) the runtime to behave incorrectly sounds 
to me as a nonsense. And the official point of view of Mono team is to use 
this solution because they consider the other solutions being less 
compatible with MS.NET or being more improper than this one. But the truth 
is that this is the most improper solution and breaking a lot of 
applications just for XSP is not worth...

As I see this situation they take this bug too personally and they don't see 
what is good for Mono.


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> Jb Evain wrote:
>> This is discussed here:
>> http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi?id=76757
> Ah, good. I thought I was alone here.
> So, from that discussion I gather that this is a known bug that no-one 
> wants to fix, for fear of having to fix other applications that rely on 
> it.
> And yet, from my perspective, this is a known bug that prevents my 
> application from running, since my app relies on being able to load two 
> different versions of the same assembly in two different AppDomains.
> Is that where we stand? Because I would certainly be willing to fix the 
> bug in the runtime, and, regardless, it must be fixed, though I would 
> really appreciate your input on how to do it.
> --Brian
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