[Mono-dev] Single thread scheduler for Threading.Timers patch

Marek Sieradzki marek.sieradzki at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 05:37:08 EDT 2006

On Tue, 2006-06-13 at 23:04 -0700, Rafael Ferreira wrote:
> Howdy, 
> The attached patch changes the current Threading.Timer class to use a
> single thread scheduler instead of the current 1 thread per timer logic.
> I also spent a lot of time working on the Timer unit tests so they more
> consistently pass as well as fixing the "NotWorking" tests. 
> Some key features include:
> * A single thread handles firing all timer jobs thus allowing a much
> greater number of Timers to be defined - Fixing bug #65734
> * Timer scheduler is only started after the first System.Threading.Timer
> is created (lazy init)
> * Timer scheduler thread dies if there are no more timer jobs in its Job
> queue (early termination)
> * Scheduler can spit out debug info by exporting the MONO_TIMER_DEBUG
> environment variable
> Of course, I don't expect this patch to be accepted without some degree
> of scrutiny so comments/concerns are appreciated and I can commit the
> code once we're all comfortable with it.  
You are using wrong coding style in some places (f() instead of f ()).
Marek Sieradzki <marek.sieradzki at gmail.com>

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