[Mono-dev] Misc Patches and 2.0 Updates. Application for svn developer access?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Sat Jun 10 14:40:30 EDT 2006


> Well. I am working on the 2.0 DesignerSurface and DesignerSurfaceManager
> (the underlying designerhost and services etc) and in parallel on the
> 1.1 ComponentDesigner stuff and up (controldesigner, usercontroldesigner
> and so on). So it's not an ugly hack what I am planning to achieve. I am
> going to implement everything required in System.ComponentModel.Design,
> System.ComponentModel, System.Windows.Forms.Design, etc. There is much
> work and to be fair I am not a pro in the area, BUT I have printed (and
> read) almost every article on the subject. I serously doubt there will
> be an easy way to integrate properly a MWF designer in MD. Infact it is
> indeed really early to talk about integration of any kind :).

I agree that integration talks are probably too early to discuss at this
point, it will probably require some hard-core hacking in the MWF and
Gtk# cores to get them talking to each other.   Not impossible, but it
should not be the early goal.

In my opinion, the most important thing to do for a GUI designer is not
really in the System.ComponentModel class libraries, but in writing the
actual designer: the stuff that paints the host (Window), drag and drop
of controls, showing the editing handles, etc.


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