[Mono-dev] [PATCH] Speed up ByteEncoding.GetString()

Kornél Pál kornelpal at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 08:24:30 EDT 2006

OK, now I understan your problem.

Please review this modified patch.


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> Hello,
>> Invoking non-public methods using SRE is widely used by our class 
>> library,
>> it is supported by the ECMA standards so I don't really understand what 
>> you
>> mean on "access to internal methods will at some point broken".
> As I said, this might be something that we will fix in the future, and
> although it works today, it does not mean it will work today, I do not
> want to add more dependencies that might prevent us from fixing it in
> the future.
> Besides, poking at string internals is not something am very excited
> about supporting nor encouraging.  The last time we did something
> "unsafe" like this, it was reviewed over and over, and it turned out to
> be buggy, it took months to track the mysterious bug because the
> conditions were very hard to reproduce.
>> Note that even using "new string ((char) 0, length)" is faster than the
>> current implementation.
> That part of the patch is fine with me.
> Miguel 
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