[Mono-dev] Passing values into the default.build boo script

Paul paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Thu Jun 8 17:22:51 EDT 2006

>> Is there a way to pass values into the default.build script for
>> boo-
> Yes, you can use -D:propertyName=propertyValue and override any
> properties you want.
Well, most of them ;-)

>> I'm packaging it for Fedora Extras...
> Great. Thanks!
It's slow going - mainly as currently to get things to work properly I 
have to meddle with _libdir so that things always go into /usr/lib 
rather than /usr/lib64 for 64 bit architecture. I've noticed the spec 
files on the go-mono website all make the packages as noarch. Is this 
really the only sure fire way to ensure everything is picked up (such as 
boo, ikvm et al for monodevelop)?



P.S. http://www.all-the-johnsons.co.uk/mono/rpms.html have the x86 and 
x86_64 binaries for various mono packages (including the new boo and nant)

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