[Mono-dev] Invalid escape selecting table rows

APS subscription.sapi at apsystems.it
Thu Jun 8 11:37:50 EDT 2006

Hi guys,
I've a datatable containing a list of urls.
I select them using

Tables[0].Select("(PAGE='\wsngmono\Categ.aspx' OR 
PAGE='/wsngmono/Categ.aspx') AND (CONTROL='' OR CONTROL IS NULL) AND 

and I obtain this error:

System.Data.SyntaxErrorException: Invalid escape sequence: '\s'.
in <0x00118> Mono.Data.SqlExpressions.Tokenizer:ProcessEscapes (Char c)
in <0x000cc> Mono.Data.SqlExpressions.Tokenizer:ReadString (Char 
terminator, Boolean canEscape)
in <0x0015b> Mono.Data.SqlExpressions.Tokenizer:ParseToken ()
in <0x00030> Mono.Data.SqlExpressions.Tokenizer:advance ()
in <0x00274> Mono.Data.SqlExpressions.Parser:yyparse (yyInput yyLex)
in <0x00112> Mono.Data.SqlExpressions.Parser:Compile (System.String sqlExpr)
in <0x000dd> System.Data.DataTable:Select (System.String 
filterExpression, System.String sort, DataViewRowState recordStates)
in <0x00014> System.Data.DataTable:Select (System.String filterExpression)

Apparently there's no escape sequence in the query, I'm doing something wrong?

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