[Mono-dev] mono-service again (BUG FIX)

pablosantosluac at terra.es pablosantosluac at terra.es
Wed Jun 7 06:06:41 EDT 2006


First of all I don't understand why I'm supposed to be doing 
thread-hijacking. Is not this the place to post questions about 

Anyway, it seems there is a bug in mono-service. Whenever it tries to launch 
a service application it raises an exception in mono-service.cs at method 

The code is doing something like:

string [] service_args = new string [0];

entry.Invoke(null, service_args);

return 0;

And it raises the exception I posted in a previous email.

Doing the following:

string [] service_args = new string [0];

object[] obj = new object[1];

obj[0] = service_args;

entry.Invoke(null, obj);

return 0;

The problem seems to be solved.

I replaced the mono-service.exe on my Fedora4/mono-1.1.15 and now it works.



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